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Seeing is believing!

Celebrity Edge Tour from Belfast Telegraph Digital on Vimeo.

May 2019

We’re offering you a hot-off-the-presses opportunity to experience at first hand Cruise Beyonds amazing new Virtual Reality tour of the mind-blowing new Eden venue and the new Infinite Balcony where the outside becomes inside on board Celebrity Edge, compliments of Belfast Telegraph Reader Holidays.

This ultimate Virtual Reality experience provides a world-first 360°, fully-immersive, tour of two stunning on-board features, plus and a wonderfully realistic taste of life on board Celebrity Edge.

Just don the high tech headset and, instantly, you’ll be spirited into the stylish world of Celebrity Edge. You’ll experience fifteen minutes of memorable magic as technology fools your senses and whisks you from reality to the heart of one of the most talked-about new cruise ships of the century.

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